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Generation-X and the Kind of Homes They Look For

By Desare A Kohn-Laski

Generation-X or the Gen-X represents the top segment of home buyers today. This is according to the data released by the National Association of Realtors in its Home Buyer and Seller Generational TrendsThis particular buyer group is comprised of individuals aged 33 to 47, or roughly those born from the years 1965 to 1978.

In a separate study by another research group, it is determined that Gen-X home buyers prefer to buy homes that showcase a state-of-the-art kitchen. The data is a reflection that probably most of them are foodies or those who have strong inclinations to cooking, baking, and other things related to food preparation.

Large-walk in closets is also among the home features that home buyers from this group look for. The presence of such amenities in a house and their preference for it reflects a family-focused attitude. Buyers representing this group are already on the stages of raising their own families. Majority of them have children living with them. Thus, organizing is a process which means a lot of thing not only to them. They love their homes to look in perfect order because they share it with their family members.

Homes with extra rooms to use as storage are also best-sellers to the Gen-X. The things they have as well as those of their kids and their partners need to be in order. Clutter is a word that irritates them and they would definitely love to have storage racks to keep their things in order.

In many instances, the extra room in a home they purchase is turned into a storage room. But there are also cases when it is converted into a kid’s play room where the toys and their kid stuffs are kept. They might also like the idea of having that extra room converted into a library or anything that would simply keep clutter and other unused things stored until their need is requested by time or a particular situation. In cases, when the family grows one member more, the extra room can always be converted into a bedroom.

The Generation-X may have adapted some home buying techniques from their parents who represent the baby boomer group. But there is certainly a huge difference in the kinds of home they look for. While boomers focus on buying a home that is reflective of the success in life they already have, the Gen-X is typically looking for a home that will be comfortable for the entire family.

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