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What to do if you live in a Bad Neighbourhood

By Desare A Kohn-Laski

High crime rates, incidents of robberies, gang wars, discrimination, and too-distant police stations – these are just some of the prominent characteristics of a bad neighborhood. What if you live in a neighborhood like this and relocation is a solution that is not in your capability yet? Here are simple tips that you can follow to survive this neighborhood in a day-to-day basis.

Learn about your neighbours

Observation is one key that will be of big help when interacting with your neighbours. The way they speak and act are aspects of neighbourhood living that you should learn. This way you can understand them and they can understand you too.

Eliminate fear from your personality

Surviving a bad neighborhood means you have to show enormous amount of courage. But it doesn’t exactly mean that you have to be a bully or a lawbreaker. Achieve a balance of being courageous and submissive at times. This way you can show to the locals that you have your own fist for fighting when you are right and your own hands to raise when you are wrong. Besides fear is a thing that will just invite bad people to plan bad things to you.

Tighten your home security

Living in a bad neighborhood requires you strengthen your home safety and security measures. It doesn’t mean you have to hire a security guard for 24/7 duty. What you can do is to perhaps install security cameras and burglar alarms. These systems can be connected to police stations and let them respond in a timely manner when unauthorized persons break their entries to your house. You can also have some special applications installed in your gadgets to let you monitor your house when you are at work.

Include refusal in your survival tool

It is good to help other people especially your neighbors. But there are times when you have to say no or at least refuse to the assistance being asked by other people. Sometimes, these are just ways they do to observe you and your house. You should not open your house to total strangers. If they ask for assistance such as food, give them food but let them wait outside.

Store important phone numbers to contact during emergencies

When living in a bad neighborhood, emergency and disaster preparedness should keep you armored. Storing important emergency numbers is a good attitude. You should write down numbers of relatives, friends, police station, fire bureau, and nearest hospital or clinic. Have them posted on prominent places for easy reference of family members. Each other’s cell phone number should be stored too. This way, all of you can establish communications in and out of the house.

These are just some of the simple tips you could follow to survive in a bad neighborhood until such time you can be able to relocate in a more desirable community.

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